“There are those who did not live” workers “Sibneftegeofizika” third year forward salary


"Есть те, кто не дожил": работники "Сибнефтегеофизики" третий год ждут зарплату

More than 30 employees of PJSC “Sibneftegeofizika” came for picket in Novosibirsk from-for multimillion debts on a salary. Liabilities of the company amount to about 190 million rubles.

Recall, “Sibneftegeofizika” was one of the biggest Russian logging companies. The company belongs to “Rosgeologia” and “GEOTEK Holding”. The company blames the current state of the second shareholder. The picketers, in turn, linked the situation with the advent of “Rosgeologia” in 2016. However, due to the preferred shares control over the enterprise retains GEOTECH. In 2017, a Novosibirsk-based company entered bankruptcy proceedings.

According to the organizer of the picket Paul Smith, workers for “willful” bankruptcy of the company for the third year are unable to obtain their wages. And the money for the lease of equipment from Rosgeologia also not available. This is not the first picket of employees, last time they went on a protest in may, but nothing has changed.

“The situation is such that except for bankruptcy, which has led us, and brought intentionally, this is the third year can not get my salary. To reduce the debt on a salary we gave “Rosgeologia” machinery and equipment for rent. But the second year they use it to make their own volumes, but the rent and not pay. Now the question arose about the purchase of this equipment, the contract is concluded, but not a penny has not yet dropped. They brazenly pressed technique, like bandits in the nineties, and the money is not paid. The first time we went in may, had hoped for some response, but, unfortunately, nothing has moved forward. Our Novosibirsk officials are fighting, it is clear that trying to do something, but they are hand bred. Not the same weight category, against Moscow, and we simply do not hear,” says Koval.

He also noted that today protest not very numerous, because a lot of people in the field, but if and when this picket will not change anything, it will be a lot more people, and they will be “much more angry”.

“We are more than 600 people, but the lion’s share now in the fields, they are physically unable to support us. But there are those who once believed our officials that are trying to do, and did not come here today. If after this rally is nothing for us, nothing will change, then we wait for all the others, and people will be much angrier. There is a limit. I won’t say what happens to it is not considered incitement, but something we do. The people are desperate. I would say more, there are those who did not live to see this day and salaries”, — told the correspondent of the Taiga.info Paul Smith.


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