Therapists told the whole truth about flu vaccination


Терапевты рассказали всю правду о прививках против гриппаThis information will be useful to anyone who wants to get sick in autumn and winter.

Each year, the Ukrainians are faced with a flu epidemic, and sometimes several in a season. Therefore, physicians offer in advance to protect themselves from infection with a particular strain of the flu with vaccination.

These questions about flu vaccination people are interested in most often:

When to get vaccinated?

Usually doctors offer vaccination from late September until November, so that people received a good additional protection against the flu all the time of cold weather, when the risk of epidemic increases. It is important to understand that after vaccination is made immune system develop into through almost 2 weeks, everyone is different, but has a “protection” for 9-12 months, relaxing with each passing month. So it’s best to get vaccinated in early fall.

If the strains of flu change every year, why get vaccinated?

Actually, the flu vaccine each year a new one is created based on the recommendations of the world health organization and last year’s experience. That is, the vaccine will be included particles of inactivated virus, which are strains of influenza that are most likely caught in the new season.

For whom is the flu vaccine mandatory?

First, for pregnant women, children, adolescents and the elderly. People of these age groups should not risk the health, and in the case of pregnant women – the fetal life, and to get vaccinated against influenza is mandatory. Everyone else can decide on their own.

How to prepare for vaccination, so you do not have any bad consequences?

2-3 days before you will get vaccinated against the flu, start taking any antihistamine, as some of the components of the vaccine often people have serious allergic reactions. It will not hurt to take a blood test and urine directly the day before vaccination is necessary in order to determine whether the body’s inflammatory processes that can occur after vaccination in the form of complications. Both children and adults, doctors recommend to eat everything the same as usual, because the new product may be allergenic.

If you get vaccinated against the flu, I don’t get sick?

The issue is one of the most common. Vaccination does not mean that people cannot become infected with the virus and flu. Vaccinated people excluded complications after suffering flu and symptoms of the disease itself is weak, because the immune system takes over and will not allow the virus to develop.

The decision whether to be vaccinated against influenza or not, taking each independently. If you believe that your immune system is strong and can withstand any load, then feel free not to get vaccinated. Well, in all other cases, when the nutrition is not balanced, the immune system is weak and time to improve their health – it is better to undergo regular vaccination.


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