The Xbox One’s Assassin’s Creed: Origins will be released in three weeks


Russia’s planned release of the Xbox One’s included with the toy Assassin’s Creed: the Origins, and today it became known the date of the event. As reported, the console will go on sale before the end of this month, and it will be released in versions with a hard drive to 500 GB and 1 TB to choose from.

The Xbox One’s Assassin’s Creed: the Origins will give not only the package with the game, but also a number of Goodies for the avid gamers, including Xbox Live Gold for two weeks, as well as an Xbox Game Pass by as much as 30 days. Specifications this version of the console do not differ from the filling of the original Xbox One’s, so a choice will have to do it only between hard drive capacity.

Kit with HDD 500 GB will cost 23,000 rubles, well, if you decide to buy a console with a hard drive of 1 terabyte, then cook already 28,000 rubles. The difference of 5,000 rubles will not only double the amount of disk space, but also to get the toy Ghost Recon: Siege, and immediately after purchase. In our country, sales of the Xbox One bundle with Assassin’s Creed: the Origins will start on October 27 this year, less than three weeks.


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