The writer Yerofeyev – why electricians shoot their compatriots


Писатель Ерофеев - о том, почему электрики расстреливают своих соотечественников

In one of the horticulture of the Tver region 45-year-old electrician was shot by a company of companions – four women and five men. Alcohol and resentment are the main motives of a deranged killer. But the writer Viktor Erofeev believes that the fault lies with the state.

– When the state begins to prevail over man, there is a gradual expansion of human, the decomposition of the main criteria of human nature that forms the human psyche, nature…

Because he, man, or should become a slave, which is, of course, of course, pomaskina, thinks Europe is looking at us; or become a cog, as mentioned, and especially in the thaw of our poets and prose writers; or he turns into a strange nothingness, philosophizes on Erofeev

It seems to me that the state that does not, can not and do not want to create a personality, it is the moral and decomposes, not to mention the fact that the background is the expansion of ethics we have a huge. This is a Civil war, and if to speak still early, — serfdom.


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