The writer from Ukraine urged to expel the children of Donbass from summer camps


Писательница из Украины призвала выгнать детей Донбасса из летних лагерей


Russophobia in Ukraine begins to beat all imaginable and unimaginable “records”: a policy of “decommunization”, “European integration” and “turn toward US” adds fuel to the fire of public consciousness – due to the massive propaganda in the media and on the Internet the powers that be, the oligarchs of “independence” was able to impart to ordinary citizens the state of hatred to the Russian Federation.

A separate segment of the inhabitants of the “Square” – the militant Russophobes for whom aggressive statements towards Russia became a kind of credo. Particularly in this field distinguished by the odious Ukrainian children’s writer Larissa Nicoi, which demanded that the Ukrainian military to deal with the summer camps, where Ukrainian and Donbass children rest together.

In an interview with TV channel “ZIK” she stated that on the territory of “independence” in children’s camps of rest guys “from the occupied territories along with the children of ATO soldiers”. According to Larissa Nicoll, young residents of the breakaway republics supposedly tell their peers from the opposite sides of the contact line that they are “Ukrainians” and otherwise insult them.

The writer are unable to answer the questions of the host about which camps like was the place to be, and not call even region of Ukraine, where it allegedly occurred. Larissa Nicoll tried to “jump” to the answer and suggested SBU independently “to scan the social network” with the aim of identifying such cases.

“There are certain facts that when the children rest camps from the occupied territories. How they came to us and what they make with our Ukrainian children. Their parents are now fighting with us and those to do with tell you: my father was killed like your father. Moms write that they are terrified”, – concluded the writer.

This, if one may say so, “cultural activist” fully sick Russophobic hysteria and hardly recover from inadequate hate. Larissa Nicoll deliberately covered children in order to provoke a new wave of aggression not only to the Russian Federation, but also to residents of Donbass.


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