The world’s most expensive SUVs. Photo


Самые дорогие в мире внедорожники. ФотоDream about them a lot.

Car of the SUV segment always attract more attention from motorists. This is not surprising because they are powerful and large, immediately apparent and can often travel where other cars would just stop. The high permeability does not interfere with the SUVs to luxury cars.

1. Bentley Bentayga

Самые дорогие в мире внедорожники. Фото

In the basic configuration, this incredibly luxurious car in Russia will cost 25 million rubles. And this despite the fact that it is, in principle, there will be no interesting twists. Crossover is known that available on the various models. There are even specialized builds for fishermen and hunters.

2. Range Rover LWB SVAutobiography

Самые дорогие в мире внедорожники. Фото

The most luxurious Range Rover on the market, not chasing speed. Quality base, excellent design and powerful stuffing – this is not the whole list of advantages in this instance. To buy a car now. There is also a limited edition version.

3. Mercedes-Maybach Landaulet G650

Самые дорогие в мире внедорожники. Фото

Among all cars logo Maybach this is the most athletic and one of the most exclusive. In total there are 99 of these cars and to make them more do not plan. One instance there really is in Russia. Its value is not less than 85 million rubles.

4. Dartz Automobile

Самые дорогие в мире внедорожники. Фото

The car is known as the combat Т98. Army the roots of the car are felt – is produced only armored with an uprated engine with a capacity of up to 1 thousand horsepower.

5. Lamborghini Urus

Самые дорогие в мире внедорожники. Фото

The cost of this machine starts from 15.2 million rubles. The car was created primarily for those who likes to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Hardly the Lamborghini Urus will compete with other representatives of the segment of the luxury, but the attention the car still a decent.

6. The Bentley Dominator

Самые дорогие в мире внедорожники. Фото

To buy this car today just will not work. And it’s not that he is enormously expensive. Released the Bentley Dominator was in only six instances. Moreover, all six cars belonged to one man – the Sultan of Brunei.

7. Cadillac Escalade

Самые дорогие в мире внедорожники. Фото

We are talking specifically about the custom models from the Atelier of HQ Custom Design. The company is famous for taking the SUV and turns it into a mobile office on wheels. The same fate befell this Escalade.


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