The world’s first intelligent price tags created in Novosibirsk


Первые в мире умные ценники создали в Новосибирске

Students of Novosibirsk state technical University created the “smart tags” that automatically change product prices depending on demand, stock and other indicators of pricing. The University noted that the program allows for deep Analytics to track consumer behavior and is able to replace the marketing departments of a small network of shops.

The first “smart tags” have already started to work in one of Novosibirsk shops. As the developers of “smart tags”, buyers will no longer face the problem of inconsistency value on the price tags and the box office. Thus, unlike foreign analogues, the price tags are quick and will be about 30% cheaper — due to the unique engineering solutions.

What is the modern price tags in the store? For the buyer it is the price of the product and that the store owner? First and foremost it is a tool of management of consumer behavior. Colored tags at a discount, many are looking for specifically. Store sales are dependent on sales volumes and the balance of the product with the correct expiration date. First, the shelf score with an excess external “species abundance” and track the expiration dates of the staff I carefully. Second, the need to constantly change prices to control the behavior of the consumer. With many functions launched for employees to fully work is being done. The need for increasing levels of exploitation under capitalism gives rise to additional human errors. “Smart labels” can solve the issue of the need to increase exploitation and improve the accuracy of the work. However, this approach allows to reduce the number of staff, and the remaining to shift as a cashier, thus increasing exploitation, and to reduce costs for the cancellation of rotten goods.

Robotics retail and not only, is in full swing. Last year Amazon opened a store without cashiers and salespeople. Robotization was scared. However, in today’s workplaces in shops/supermarkets staff processed and receive the minimum wage.

In the modern bourgeois society has been announced the solution to the crisis of overproduction by increasing the share of services. To date, the growth of services led to their overproduction. Technology, allowing to remove from society routine work, become reality. The problem that society faces under capitalism there is a contradiction of the private appropriation of public function of technological development.
We live in an era when technological development in our lives today, the capitalists turn against the workers. In history there was a period when modern machines (looms, steam engines) were deprived of jobs of workers, but led to progress. The company then responded to the progress of the destruction of vehicles and sabotage of the works.
We do not aim to stop technological progress, our task is to wrap the technical development for the benefit of society through the eradication of capitalism.

Author: D. V.





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