The world’s Central Bank withdraw gold from new York fed



ЦБ мира изымают золото из ФРБ Нью-Йорка


The world’s Central banks have accelerated the process of withdrawal of gold from the Federal reserve Bank of new York. Since 2014 the stocks in the world’s largest repository of gold fell by 388 tons, according to the new York fed.

In 2014, Germany was the first seized a significant amount of physical gold (120 tons) from the new York fed. Following this, the Netherlands decided to return from abroad 122 tons of gold. In may last year, Austria has become the third largest European country which regained a large part of the gold reserves stored abroad, the reserves of the precious metal has been withdrawn from the Bank of England and placed in Vienna and Switzerland.

According to the latest new York fed as of 2014, the withdrawal of gold from the vaults of the new York fed is not only continuing, but accelerating.

The Central banks assure the public that nothing to worry about when it comes to paper money, which can be prohibited in the future, as suggested by some economists at Harvard University. At the same time, the Central Bank imperceptibly speed up the withdrawal of gold from the largest centralized repository of the world’s gold reserves – Federal reserve Bank of new York.

According to the FBI, in the seven months from January to July 2016 was seized 87 tons of gold, it’s 25% more than the same period last year (69 tonnes), and 60% more than in 2014 (55 tons). As of July 31, the new York fed kept 5,807 tons of gold that is much less “old rules” of stocks (6,606 tons), which existed prior to the successive seizures in early 2007

ЦБ мира изымают золото из ФРБ Нью-Йорка


A total of 30 months from February 2014 to July 2016 – the world’s Central Bank seized 388 tonnes of gold from new York fed. It is only 20 tons less than during the previous wave of withdrawals of gold, which began in March 2007 with the emergence of the subprime mortgage crisis and ended in November 2008, after the rescue of the largest U.S. insurer American International Group (AIG) from bankruptcy.
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