The world of gender will be in Russia


Мир гендера будет и в России

I see that the right-wing network of conservative in Russia direct burns from the world of gender in the West. I hasten to rejoice that this world of gender will be and in Russia (in ten years in Moscow and then across Russia). It is neither good nor bad, that’s a given.

Today burn their gender (feminism, LGBT, minority rights, etc.) years ago, 100-120 burnt men from the suffragettes and women’s struggle for their rights. The man of the time was resentment from the fact that women demand the right to study at universities, electoral rights, the right to dispose of his body and the fruit of it, and many others. It seemed that never happens. But today someone in the head will come resentment from the fact that women have a higher education, it can be the initiator of the divorce, wear pants, abortion, and even to sit in Parliament (!).

Same thing will happen with the gender in a couple of decades. Whether we like it or not (even if you don’t want).

Well additional piquancy gives that the attack on the whole movement of men exercise, which by no means can claim the status of a right-wing conservative men. Defenders of the land and society they are not (even in army did not serve), miners too (do not earn a lot more women), men’s private clubs are not (from Masonic lodges to the merchant guilds ‘or officers’ clubs). Their lifestyles are indistinguishable from the female.


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