The world is on the threshold of a new deadly epidemic


Мир на пороге новой смертельной эпидемии

Scientists stumbled upon a new, deadly species of Listeria.

“Listeria is a genus of gram-positive rod-shaped bacteria. It is named after the founder of the surgical antisepsis of Joseph Lister, and as a causative agent of infections he was discovered by Murray, Webb and Swanna in 1924”, — quotes “КазахЗерно.kz” the definition from Wikipedia.

After a series of studies, scientists have found a deadly danger to some species of Listeria to humans and other animals. For example, Listeria monocytogenes is dangerous to humans, and Listeria ivanovii and Listeria seeligeri (conducted tests aborted and stillborn fetuses of animals and to understand the causes of neonatal sepsis in cattle and ova) – for animals. Recent studies have indicated that initial conclusions were incorrect: the same species of Listeria are equally dangerous, both for animals and for humans.

In a recent studies have found other species of Listeria. For example, 62-year-old woman died after septicemia, which is caused by Listeria innocua against the background of cholangitis, and later the adult patient found Listeria welschimeri. Another three people died, having eaten the sausage, released on Hessian plant Wilke. Microbes found in it, experts from the Institute. Robert Koch. As a possible cause of infections of sausage is called failure to observe sanitary-epidemiological measures during its production.

Listeria monocytogenes is hurting the elderly, pregnant women, people with weakened immune systems (for example, after a course of treatment for cancer, organ transplant, HIV, etc.). 30% of people in the body which fell, respectively, died.

In the journal Nature Communication, an international team of researchers, led by head of the Institute of Medical Microbiology University. Liebig published the results of another study on Listeria. They were able to identify the most virulent and pathogenic representatives of Listeria. They proved that one of their species has provoked a severe disease of sheep in Jiangsu province in China.


Listeriosis is an infectious disease that is caused by bacteria-Listeria and which is characterized by the presence of multiple pathogens, different symptoms, factors and ways of transmission. You can get them through food. Therefore, individual scientists, and take various measures to identify highly virulent strains. Since a lot of them, it is important for all countries to unite, to identify them further (especially those species that do not kill the drug) and find the strains to prevent the threat of them falling into food.


Typically, listeriosis reveal globally and not only in countries with a warm climate or poor hygiene. Listeria live everywhere regardless of environmental conditions. They do not need an abundance of nutrients for survival. They do not harm the high temperature on the thermometer, for example, 45°C. in Other words, their reproduction does not affect the heat or “synthetic” chill in the freezer. In addition, they can get into food during the processing of products, as happened with the sausage Wilke.

Listeria found in non – processed foods. Microbes change their metabolism from aerobic (oxygen) to anaerobic (oxygen-free). They continue to multiply, if you package the product in vacuum packaging. The bacteria found in meat, sausages, fish, milk, seafood, salads etc. because the infection may occur after 70 days after eating the food, it is not clear what type of Listeria called listeriosis.

Outbreaks of listeriosis

As things stand today, outbreaks of listeriosis have been observed in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, the UK, Lithuania, USA. The disease is very dangerous, so in the countries mentioned above (and several others) have established a system of epidemiological surveillance in order to identify and withdraw contaminated food. In Germany every year fixed about three hundred and forty cases of listeriosis.

How to be saved?

What do ordinary consumers? Is there a way to protect myself from listeriosis? Not always the product on the counter we can understand that something is wrong. Meanwhile, scientists suggest to refuse the presence in foods, in which meat is served with blood (for example, steak). It should also eat them with accuracy rolls and sushi with smoked or raw fish. Better not to drink unboiled milk.

In addition, the products cannot be exposed to frequent freezing/thawing before cooking. It is best to cook them, guided by the principle: “get – prepared – ate”. According to the publication Fr to meat and fish were absolutely safe and no harm to health, it is important to expose them to high temperatures (70°C) for at least two minutes.


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