The world is cruising towards a quarter of billion COVID-19 cases


The number of recorded Covid-19 infections worldwide has increased to about 240.1 million. This is apparent Saturday from current data collected by Johns Hopkins CSSE.

In the United States, the highest number of Covid-19 cases is still recorded, with a figure of 44.9 million. The number of deaths here is now 723,756.

The total number of official infections in India is over 34.0 million. The number of deaths is now officially 451,980.

Brazil is the third country worldwide in terms of infections with more than 21.6 million cases and 602.669 deaths.

In Western Europe, the UK has the highest number of infections with 8.4 million. France has barely 7.2 million cases. Spain has just under 5 million infections, Italy 4.7 million and Germany has almost 4.4 million.

In China, the first country to report coronavirus cases by the end of 2019, 108,864 coronavirus cases have now been registered, a fraction more than 108,841 a day earlier.

According to Johns Hopkins ‘ data, nearly 4.9 million people worldwide have died from the virus. In addition, nearly 6.6 billion vaccinations have been administered.


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