The world has become less suicides: official statistics


В мире стало меньше самоубийств: официальная статистика

Statistics of suicides in all countries of the world says that people have less to voluntarily withdraw from life.

Especially reduced the number of those wishing to escape to another world in Russia. Statistics says that most suicides have occurred in connection with hopelessness. Moreover, led people to the edge of despair alcohol.

Today, and began to drink less and to settle scores with life also become less. Despair and hopelessness have replaced people exercise and eating a smoothie instead of low-quality alcohol – they have reduced the suicide rate.

Most of the potential of suicide began to visit gyms, and instead of alcohol began to drink a tasty beverage from the berries and fruit smoothies.

But reducing the number of people committing suicide, does not mean that they did not at all. Russia continues to stay ahead of different countries including America, India and China. Although in the United States according to statistics suicide is growing, and Russia is reduced. Too big was the gap between these countries, which so far they can’t even come up on the same plate.

In Russia today voluntarily leave the lives of 25 people per 100 thousand population. If we take for comparison the year 2000 there were more than 40 people.

If we take the countries of the whole world – then today in comparison with 1994, cases of suicide was 38 per cent less.

Here played a role and economic growth, and improvement in the social sphere.

Many people in old age can not stand the pain from running disease, and also voluntarily leave this world.

Significantly improves the limitation of the people from the poison. In such a situation is China. In America in regard TC the fact that there is widespread access to weapons, more crossbows. But in China sometimes stop the suicides of ordinary packing of medicines: in order to decompress, take a long time. And while this process goes – who wants to kill himself I’ll reconsider.

Very tactfully behave in the world of the media: they do not distribute the methods of suicide, and urge readers to give up even the thought of suicide. Media are encouraged to support each other in difficult situations, and not leave someone in trouble alone.



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