The woman who bought a Banksy painting will self-destruct, did not cancel the transaction


Женщина, купившая самоуничтожившуюся картину Бэнкси, не стала отменять сделкуb]the Shopper painting has not abandoned the acquisition after its partial destruction.
The customer of paintings by British street artist Banksy Girl with balloon – works, which self-destructed after it was sold at the auction – decided not to abandon the acquisition of the product.

This is stated in the message of the auction house Sotheby’s.

After partial destruction of the painting was given a new name – Love in a trash can. The cost remains at $ 1.4 million.

“When I heard the hammer (auction host) and the work was cut into pieces, at first I was shocked, but gradually began to realize that in the end I get a piece of art history” – gives the auction house the words of a girl, whose name is not called.

Girl with ball was sold at auction on October 5, but right after trading half of the canvas was cut picture frame hidden in a shredder.

[b]see also: Camera recorded as unknown steals the picture by Banksy. Video
At Sotheby’s, to whom the work belonged to since 2006, claim they didn’t know about hidden in the painting device. The auction house suggested that to activate the mechanism could a person present in the room at the auction. It is possible that this might be Banksy himself.


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