“The witch of wall street”: the stingy rich woman of the twentieth century. Photo


«Ведьма с Уолл-стрит»: самая скупая богачка ХХ века. ФотоHenrietta green is called the “Witch of wall Street”.

This woman in the late XIX-early XX centuries. had a huge impact on all the major financial transactions in new York. Almost every businessman of the time I went in her debt, and wealth, Getty was measured in millions of dollars. But the history she is remembered not only as the wealthy woman, but as the one whose incredible greed defies logic.

«Ведьма с Уолл-стрит»: самая скупая богачка ХХ века. Фото

Getty green in his youth.

Henrietta (Getty) green was born in 1834 in the family is provided and a devout Quaker. Parents were engaged in whale fishing, and the education of girls entrusted to her grandfather Gideon Galindo. Grandfather was a rather peculiar approach to education granddaughter. The books were its allowance account, and the reading aloud of the financial reports was instead of the alphabet. Moreover, read the news she received from some coins, which she rushed to spend, and then was poisoned in his Bank account.

In 13 years, Henrietta trusted entire family bookkeeping. When dad was in port, he took a daughter with him. She attended the loading and shipment, saw corporal punishment of dishonest sailors.

«Ведьма с Уолл-стрит»: самая скупая богачка ХХ века. Фото

New York. Lower Manhattan. The first half of the twentieth century.

When Getty was 15 years old, her parents sent her in a Boston school. They dreamed that her daughter receive a classical education, but did not realize one thing: Getty she clearly knew what she wants. The girl did not seen in study no benefit. Her grades were terrible. Only math she showed unique results. In school Getty did not last long, went to the courses of accountant and after a year declared that already knows all that she needs.

Once the parents gave Henrietta a gift of a trip to new York for the whole winter. With them she was given $ 1,000, which at that time was a considerable sum. Enterprising girl would not spend the money to buy dresses and accessories, and put them into action.

«Ведьма с Уолл-стрит»: самая скупая богачка ХХ века. Фото

After his mother’s death in 1860, father and all her family decided to move from the periphery to new York. 5 years after that, he went to another world. Henrietta got $ 7.5 million, and her brothers took control of whaling. Getty, without consulting anyone, he has invested money in war bonds. The brothers protested this turn of Affairs and began to doubt whether so commanded by the father to dispose of his funds. Recalcitrant sister simply burned some of the ships brothers and said that he would kill anyone who tries to contest the will.

The Henrietta was dirty. She had expected her aunt after the death of all forsake niece, but she decided to give the money to charity. Getty managed to forge a will and single-handedly took the means of the relative. When the deception was revealed, the woman suddenly married a multimillionaire Edward green and moved to London. The newly 32-year-old wife was forced to sign the husband’s marriage contract, according to which he will not claim her property. Between the brilliant deals in the UK Getty green and had two children. A few years later the green family returned to the United States.

«Ведьма с Уолл-стрит»: самая скупая богачка ХХ века. Фото

Over time, Henrietta green called the mistress of wall street, because it was done all the biggest deals. Moreover, in the early twentieth century in new York left the company, which did not take the money borrowed from Henrietta green. Come down to the fact that during the crisis the government of the metropolis was forced to apply for financial support to the “Hostess”.

Despite the fact that Henrietta had a phenomenal instinct in the financial sector, she had a heck of a character. This woman is remembered not only for his tremendous wealth, and no less enormous greed. It is not simply traded for every cent on wall street, but also in everyday life all the shopkeepers had difficult, when they visited this woman. She used to buy broken biscuits because it was cheaper the whole. Henrietta never used the heating and hot water, because I considered it a luxury.

«Ведьма с Уолл-стрит»: самая скупая богачка ХХ века. Фото

Henrietta green and her daughter Sylvia.

For the eyes, this woman has received another nickname – “the Witch of wall street”. The fact that, being already in old age, Hetty green wore only one black dress, considering that the more it is not required. The maid didn’t wash him completely, and only the parts that are dirty most of all, because Mrs. green save on soap.

She’s not hand soap, not to mention the whole body. The surrounding were forced to endure the unpleasant smell coming from it, complemented by the aroma of onions, which she chewed to prevent diseases.

But worst of all the children of Henrietta green. Daughter Sylvia was born with a defect of the foot. The girl even did not think about medical care, because the word “doctor” literally infuriating her mother. Getty believed that the doctors are just waiting, as if to snatch it.

«Ведьма с Уолл-стрит»: самая скупая богачка ХХ века. Фото

Ned green, the son of the Getty green.

Son ned had fully experienced the “care” of the mother. He went sledding and broke his leg. Getty did not bother to take him to the hospital, and dressed in rags, and took him into a free hospital for vagrants. She got out and shoved out the door. Then mother decided that I would be able to folk remedies to help his son. The story ended with the amputation of the limbs of the boy and the cheapest prosthesis.

After the death of Herietta green his entire fortune (and it’s a bit much 4 billion dollars in terms of date) bequeathed to his son. Fortunately or not, but my son did not have the commercial vein, the mother. He was known as a well-known philatelist, squandered a huge fortune as he could. Ned also shared money with his sister. However, she’s got all after his brother’s death. Sylvia spent it all on charity.


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