The winners of the musical award M1 Music Awards 2018.


Who received awards?

In the Palace of sport hosted the ceremony for the fourth M1 Music Awards. Winners of the ceremony included KAZKA, Time and Glass and NK | Nastya Kamensky. They received two awards.

The ceremony, dubbed the IV season is nearly four hours of the show live. Potpourri from Tina Karol and NK, the dancing robot and Irina Bilyk, Jack the cat, Dmitry Zhuk from Dancing with the stars and Michelle Andrade, Duo the pierces and Monatic, provocative Мaruv, Crying KAZKA, a teleconference with the STB channel, when trainers X factor season 9 Nastya Kamensky and Oleg Vinnik has received awards to live and many bright speeches were collected a full Palace of sports.


For contribution to the development of the national music industry – Tina Karol

Breakthrough of the year – KAZKA

Golden gramophone Michelle Andrade

Ruta – Alexander Ponomarev

Hit of the year – KAZKA – Crying

Project of the year – Monatik ft. Nadia Dorofeeva

Dance parade – Maruv

The alternative of the year – the Hardkiss

Group of the year – the pierces

Singer of the year – Oleg Vinnik

Singer of the year NK | Nastya Kamensky

Video of the year – NK | Nastya Kamensky


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