The wife of Nikolay Tishchenko boasted a figure in a swimsuit


Alla Baranovskaya “walking” leopard print swimsuit.

23-year-old Alla Baranovskaya, wife of the famous Ukrainian restaurateur and TV presenter Nikolay Tishchenko, which previously caused a heated debate on the network, his outspoken new year’s outfit boasted in-network slim figure.

Together with her husband and children, she is now resting in Thailand and took with him a set of bright swimwear, which demonstrates followers in Instagram.

Baranovskaya shared a fresh photo of their luxury villas, where she poses poolside in a fashionable leopard print swimsuit and straw hat, and sunglasses. Note that animal print is one of the main trends at the moment.

“The island falls asleep:) Fashionista! What do you think about animal print? Yes/no? I in this model of swimsuit so he’s like,” he asked fans Alla.

Almost all the fans agreed that she was like a swimsuit with animal print, and also expressed admiration for chiseled figure of a young mom.


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