The West will set fire to Russia



There are two news regarding relations between Moscow and Washington. One of them good, other not so well. Contrary to tradition let’s start with the good. Large-scale war, the US and Russia will not. At least for now.

Struck at Syria — the play. The goal is to help Trump as possible to save face in the almost desperate situation in which he drove himself. After all, twice in a row back (the first time with the DPRK) for the leader of the most powerful nation would be, to put it mildly, inexcusable.

However, with one Trump lucky: not in the rules of Vladimir Putin to turn an enemy into a cornered rat, it gives the opportunity to depart, and, if possible, without any humiliation.

We will remind that the head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov said bluntly that Moscow led a direct dialogue with the chiefs of staff of the U.S. armed forces and with NATO.

Shamans stated that the state Duma Committee on defense do not experience anxiety in connection with information about possible attacks on Syria by the US. Information on the functioning “hot line” between Washington and Moscow, said Dmitry Peskov.

It is easy to see that there was a negotiation about how to get out of this situation without the risk of armed conflict. And to go with dignity, so that she and the other side would be able to present it as a victory.

Elapsed without casualties and with minimal damage — nothing more than a Syrian-American (Russian) “exercises”. In the course of which the Americans and British (and possibly French) let the “good and smart” missiles at the secondary and empty objects, where the soldiers of the SAA and technology has withdrawn, and the Syrian air defense group tried to shoot down as many “Tomahawks”. Thus the Western unit failed to force Russia to activate the air defense system in the region. That is, the effect of this “reconnaissance” was minimal.

But this, in fact, all the good ends. Because even with such an agreed solution to the current Syrian impasse confrontation will only increase. Yes, the United States, and especially their European partners are not willing to shove on the rampage, when there is a risk of “rebound” and, accordingly, unacceptable losses.

But this means only that indirect actions against our country will be strengthened even more. And it can become a very serious problem.

A part of the future in relation to us measures announced Mike Pompeo, stating that “the United States will arm the brave young people who have resisted Russian expansion in Ukraine and Georgia… the list is much longer, and I am sure that I will have the opportunity to add addition”.

That is, we can talk about the outgrowths banned terrorist organization ISIS, the balance of the Wahhabi underground in the North Caucasus, various extremist groups operating in the territory of our country.

And, apparently, this work is already underway. Very worrying news come from the Baltic States. Well-known Latvian human rights activist Vladimir Linderman wrote on his page in Facebook that Riga taxi drivers have reported on the mass arrival in the capital of the Baltic Republic of the us military. And obviously not simple.

“I give verbatim: the fourth day we carry American soldiers from the airport to hotels. Fly civil flights, travel, two, pay in cash. These newcomers are very different from those we had taken before. They were thick, mostly “Latino”, talkative, thump… And a new party – silent sports. Light, just a backpack army, the faces are… hard. And those who drove them, a lot. Two or three flights a day,” wrote Linderman.

It is obvious that we are talking about employees or USSOCOM (special operations Forces of the U.S.), or about operators PMCs working towards the same goal. There is no doubt that their appearance in Latvia is directly connected with Russia and the hybrid war waged against us by the West. If you consider the specialization of these Soshnikov, it can be assumed that they will prepare a very large number of militants.

We will remind that in the Baltic States NATO instructors were training militants from the Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalists.

The old Anglo-Saxon tradition are the attacks on the civilian population of an enemy country, to induce him to oppose his power.

So, during the Second world war, the Anglo-Americans had developed and implemented the concept of the bomb war against the civilian population. In the framework of the whole squadron of bombers bombarded the ancient city with a predominant wooden and half-timbered buildings with incendiary bombs. The hope was that resulting firestorm destroyed even had time to hide in bomb shelters German women, children and the elderly. These bomb Holocaust, the Anglo-Saxons intended to encourage the Germans to revolt against Hitler.

In the same way they worked in our time in Yugoslavia and Iraq. Moreover, the Iraqis tried to vimerit blockade.

To bomb us, fortunately, will not be able, but will take all possible steps in order to try as much as possible to complicate life to the people of our country. The sanctions will continue, expand, and deepen, and preference will be given to those which primarily affect ordinary people.

Tragedy in Kemerovo has shown that fires or man-made disasters have a far greater public outcry and protest potential than “ordinary” attack. Especially in their respective efforts to shape public opinion and foment conflict.

On this basis, we can assume that terrorist efforts may be directed to such “veiled” attacks.

There is no doubt that the West is ready to start a war, or rather the intervention only in the crumbling, covered by the turmoil in Russia. And therefore, unable to provide adequate resistance to external invasion.

And therefore the crucial role of the enemies of our country assign a “fifth column”.

British aircraft initially dropped on German cities explosive bombs that were supposed to knock out Windows and rip roofs to pull, and better houses burned. The next wave of bombers rained down on the “prepared” a city with incendiary bombs which turned it into a giant bonfire.

So the terrorists would have to “loosen” Russia, which then will try to burn the “fifth column”.

I must admit that, despite all our wealth and apparent self-sufficiency, we are in a more vulnerable position than North Korea, which has long functioned as an autarky, where information flows are strictly controlled, and traitors are not invited on talk shows to boost ratings.

We, of course, different traditions and different mentality, and to reproduce this model we can not, and do not need. But some change our lives in the current situation is absolutely essential.


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