The West is not ready to recognize the election results in Syria


Запад не готов признать результаты выборов в Сирии

Western countries do not consider parliamentary elections in Syria is legitimate. As reported by Agence France Press, the French authorities believe that the results of the vote organized by the current government and carried out without the participation of international observers, it is impossible to recognise lawful.

“France condemns the apparent similarity of the elections organized by the regime. They are without a full-fledged election campaign, under the auspices of a repressive regime and without international supervision. The polls are intended only residents of a limited part of the territory, which excludes the millions of Syrians who are internally displaced and refugees abroad,” – said the representative of the foreign Ministry of France Romain Nadal.

Similarly expressed and the German foreign Ministry. “The German government will not recognize the results of elections organized by the Assad regime,” said Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer. According to him, in conditions of civil war to hold fair elections impossible.

According to the results of today’s voting in Syria will be formed national Council – the unicameral 250-seat Parliament. Elections are organised in 13 of the 15 provinces. With the exception of raqqa on the Euphrates and Damascus, their territories are under the control of the militants of terrorist groups “Islamic state” and “dzhebhat EN-Nusra”.


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