The well-known singer was seen in the arms of Nikolay Tishchenko


Restaurateur and singer had fun at the party.

In honor of the New year 2019 Nikolay Tishchenko threw a luxurious party at one of their restaurants. The main star of the evening was the popular Ukrainian singer Tina Karol. The artist gave the guests some of their best songs and pleased the audience with incendiary dance. But who would have thought that the stars of domestic show-business will begin to flirt on stage. How it ended, read on in the article.

Renowned restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko, who recently left the project Auditor on the New channel, has arranged a Grand Christmas party. The event was held at the elite restaurant Coin in Kiev. On the feast were invited all members of the team institutions, and the stars of Ukrainian show-business. Entertained the audience the singer Tina Karol. The actress came to the party in a shiny dress with a naked back and belly.

At the end of Tina Karol Nikolay Tishchenko took to the stage to congratulate the audience with the beginning of 2019. He whirled, Karol dance, raising his hands. After a few minutes they hugged everyone eye. After Tishchenko, as a gentleman, got down on his knee and kissed the hand of Tina Karol.

So restaurateur Nikolay Tishchenko and singer Tina Karol met the new 2019-th year. Fans have already submitted them along: “What they would have been a good couple”, “AAAA You are the very Best!!!”, “Tenochca beauty… Nicholas real Colonel”. However, unfortunately, stars binds only friendship and work.


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