The weather in the U.S.: number of victims grows


Непогода в США: число жертв растетThe number of victims reached 26 people.

Unusually strong for the Eastern United States cold led to the deaths of 26 people. It is reported by CBS.

According to TV channel, due to the invasion of cold Arctic air beaten the record minimum temperature in Portland, Maine (minus 24 Celsius), and Boston repeated at least 1896 (-19 degrees).

In some coastal States wind lifted high surge wave, which flooded the streets located on the coast settlements.

In particular, in Massachusetts the authorities were forced to evacuate part of the population, when the sea flooded some of the streets and the water began to freeze.

Were also closed several airports, in particular airport of a name of John Kennedy in new York has canceled more than 500 flights. The hospital receives many patients with frostbite.


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