The weather in the U.S., killing at least 10 people


Непогода в США: погибли не менее 10 человекAmong the dead is a child.

In the southern United States least 10 people were killed as a result of low temperatures and ice. Reported by the Associated Press.

Four dead in Louisiana, two in Atlanta and two in Houston. Including killed the child who was in a car that got in an accident on a slippery road in Louisiana. The roads are covered with snow layer about 2.5 cm (Alabama 7 cm). Region not accustomed to such weather that caused transport collapse.

Thousands of students and teachers were forced to remain at home. In many cities canceled the official meetings and trials, and some businesses are closed. Slippery runway caused the cancellation and delay of flights at New Orleans, Tennessee and North Carolina. The use of electricity has increased, as people trying to stay warm.

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In New Orleans the temperature dropped to -6, breaking the record set on the same day in 1977 (-5).


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