The weapon of the future: what caught the world community, the Russian zrpk


Оружие будущего: чем зацепил мировую общественность ЭТОТ российский ЗРПК

Deputy chief of anti-aircraft missile troops of Russian air force, Yuri Muravin in an interview with reporters “the red star” has commented on the action of the acclaimed SRK “Pantsir-SM”, which not so long ago in the West have dubbed the perfect weapon of our country.

According to the Colonel, this armament is intended for future air battles:

“Aerial combat of the future, especially at the last line of defense, will not duel Zenith calculation of the missile and the pilot, tactical fighter, and the fight with the machines smart, precise, operating in large groups, throughout the range of altitudes at high, often at hypersonic speeds”.

Soon, added Muraskin, and antiaircraft will be equipped with new reconnaissance and missile guidance, in addition, an efficient and rapid computing facilities. Also the complex will be the newest anti-aircraft guided missile, which will have a long shooting range.

The Colonel, among other things, said that “Shell-CM” is equipped with elements of artificial intelligence. This, according to him, will contribute to the “survivability” even in the most difficult combat conditions. The enemy will not stand a chance to win.

Earlier, the us National Interest magazine described the unique capabilities of the Russian zrpk, and stated that in the US this system is simply not.


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