The war with food


Война с едой

The starving Russians will have to continue to look for food in the trash — authorities principles more than the survival of the citizens.

I saw in the boxes, where market traders throw rotten vegetables and fruits, digging the old? Arriving home, they cut off the rotten side of tomatoes-cucumbers, washed clean of the tainted bananas-oranges, and it will have a vitamin salad Yes fruit dessert.

I ignore him when I see this picture. Sickening to live in a country where single pensioners are condemned to beg. Even more nauseated when the news about new records of the bulldozers roll in the dirt sanction apples and cheese. According to Rosselkhoznadzor, since the introduction of the food embargo in Russia destroyed about 30 thousand tons of “sanctions”. Well at least stop showing this “sacrifice” on TV — the electorate from such a story greatly raised the pressure, and the politicians were falling ratings.

And here — new turn. Media circulate the news about the restaurateur from Yekaterinburg, which opened its first store and decided svezhepriobretenny products don’t throw it in the trash and give — bread, cereals, vegetables, etc. Wrote in “Facebook” that, in his opinion, it will help people to feed themselves in dignity. But then ran Rospotrebnadzor inspectors screaming “you are breaking the law” and threatened a large fine. Hungry and in the meantime continue to produce food in dumpsters — CPS leaves them alone.

On the one hand, it seems really bad to give the delay. Many of us throw away bread two days after purchase? For me personally, the hand does not rise — it is better to make breadcrumbs or croutons. So why send to landfill is still quite useful products when the country has a growing number of poor and even frankly poor people? And why is the fact that these products people will be there, without removing the shelves, and pulled out of the trash heap, the CPS do not care?

This issue is relevant not only for Russia. For example, in France three years ago passed a law forbidding supermarkets to get rid of products with expiring. There, too, everything started with the trash. The Deputy of one of the towns near Paris noticed that garbage containers of a supermarket in the evenings people gather, filling the bags written off baguettes, vegetables, meat etc., Created a petition — say, let’s come up with a more civilized way of dealing with food. It is actively supported and ordinary citizens and famous people.

The French parliamentarians were forced to undertake the development of the bill. Now all the stores in France with an area of more than 400 squares are obliged to establish contacts with charitable organizations and give them unsold inventory. The law also prohibits to spoil the product — in Russia it often do, filling out overdue with bleach. Thinking about animals: food, unfit for humans, French retailers transmit to feed the smaller brothers or for the production of compost. For violations — huge fines and even prison up to two years.

We have the reverse process. Businessmen trying to feed the poor, fine, referring to health care consumers. Meanwhile, the students spread in social networks photos of the “social lunch”, which the worms in the mess, then green meat in the soup. Ate Ulyanovsk cadets, of cases of echinococcosis, it is still not known, but many of the guys will remain disabled until the end of life. In the Moscow kindergartens were outbreaks of dysentery, but I can’t find information, to whom the CPS has prescribed for it though fine. About what the food in boarding schools for the disabled and nursing homes, afraid even to read the posts of Nuty Federmesser, which now inspects these institutions all over Russia, forced to cry from horror and helplessness. Against this background, large-scale sales outright rotten tricks retailers kosasih delay in salads or stupid berkleemusic on the product labels with expiration dates, seem a trifle.

So why, in a country where millions of people still consider a banana or a jar of yogurt a delicacy, and half chicken buy once a month from pensions or salaries, no one initiates a law like the French?

The same CPS could come up with such an initiative is not stupid to penalize those who want to help the poor, and to legitimize that support. Or deputies — at least for the sake of purification of karma. Moreover, it does not require funding from the budget (it is only necessary to prescribe regulations and responsible), and of respect for the parliamentarians will add a lot more than act on the prohibition of insulting the authorities. But why? Not we ultimately choose. Not for us to dictate to them what laws to make.

The public chamber, ay! You are not interested to do it? Onf? Party? Or maybe, as we passed, only the President is able to solve the problem?

Unlikely. Recently, answering the question, why destroy the sanctioned products if they can give the elderly and children, Putin made it clear that this will not happen. “Sometimes from the point of view of the economy better something to put under the knife than just give it away. Strange as it sounds. Because it’s saving jobs, maintaining certain levels of profitability, pricing policies and so forth,” he explained that from the point of view of common sense just seems to savagery.

Almost four years in Russia, harness and iron heavy machinery “the enemy” food. But somehow I don’t see that much help to domestic production.

But in war as in war. It seems that today Russia simply does not have institutions that like to do issues of the survival of citizens. Themselves will pull through. Or not. As someone lucky.


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