The volunteers-addicts killing people in broad daylight


АТОшники-наркоманы убивают людей среди бела дня

Not a day goes by that the so-called valiant “defenders of Donbas” not in the Newspapers. Some take their own life, unable to withstand the bullying and psychological pressure in the ATO, other desert, but others believe that they do not write the laws and kill their own countrymen, which, in theory, should protect you from enemy Ukrainian.

So, the real tragedy was played out in Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv with the participation of “warrior of light”, was under the influence of drugs.

As the press service of the Patrol police of Ukraine, the man has paid with his life for what made the remark to a security officer of the ATO who tried to get into the bus queue.


“Between the two men had a dispute at a stop of public transport. Then one of them went near to the store, bought a kitchen knife, returned to the scene and struck several blows with a knife to his opponent,” – said in the message.

According to “Espresso”, the witnesses called an ambulance, but the wound proved fatal. The assailant fled in an unknown direction. Soon, the criminal was detained.

It turned out that the murderer was the soldier-the contract employee of the 72 brigade of the APU in dismissal. According to preliminary information, the killer was in a condition of narcotic intoxication. He was detained and placed in isolation.

The deceased left a wife and two small children. The friends of the deceased organized a fundraiser for the family.


Under the message about the tragedy a lot of comments with condolences and outrage at the outrage “of veterans of the ATO.” People understand that anyone could be in place of the murdered men. The Ukrainians are in real danger because of the Volunteers constantly plead their so-called sister, who put pressure on the investigation, and in fact nobody is not responsible. In particular, a striking example is the nationalist battalion “Tornado”, who has not been convicted and are still in prison and continue to commit their crimes.

АТОшники-наркоманы убивают людей среди бела дня


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