The Volkswagen forced the monkeys to inhale exhaust fumes for tests


В Volkswagen заставляли обезьян дышать выхлопными газами для тестовAutomaker Volkswagen called the error of the emissions testing of diesel engine on monkeys and apologized.

“Then the chosen research methods were wrong. We apologize for the wrong decision and lack of competence among people (in charge acceptance),” — said in the message.

The Agency reminds that on January 29, the leadership of Germany strongly condemned the study, during which we evaluated the impact of diesel exhaust on animals. The representative of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert said that the automakers had to reduce exhaust emissions and to comply with the rules on maximum allowable parameters, and not to prove that the products of combustion are supposedly harmless.

Informed about the tests wrote the New York Times. TES was conducted in 2014 for the European study group on the protection of the environment and health in the transport sector, funded by companies Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW. His goal is to show that diesel engines are cleaner than engines of previous generations.

In a sealed chamber, where filed exhausts, put 10 monkeys. At this point, the animals showed cartoons. The experiment lasted 4 hours.

The newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung reported similar experiments on humans. European research Association on environment and health in the transport sector has contributed to the test, during which people were exposed to nitrogen dioxide, one of the main sources are vehicle exhausts.

The participants were 25 people who were examined after inhalation of NO2 at different concentrations within a few hours. As a result, the researchers found no effects.

Earlier it was reported that Volkswagen and a number of other car manufacturers were accused of Ukraine, this time in violation of the sanctions regime in Crimea.


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