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Голоса разума откуда не ждали

Recent events in the Saratov region gave many circles of information “the pond”. All who more or less want to get cheap political points – intensified in the social. media and Federal channels. While perusing the news feed visible following trend: to execute immediately, just to execute, it does not matter – whether it will solve the problem as a whole, will protect the destruction of the offender through lynching, or by the sentence of a court society from the appearance of similar elements. In the speed of decision-making have tried to mark all those involved and not involved in the case. Someone is on duty, and someone – for the sake of self-promotion, or public relations for their organizations. But today there were posts about the fact that we must first think about the reasons why such items continue to appear in our society. Let us quote from one of these posts and study them from a materialist position. (The spelling and a punctuation are saved)

Quote: “Please anonymous, for fear of any vigilantes.
I live in Saratov. And this week the city surprised me twice. In good and bad ways. The last days all I hear in town is how my countrymen criticize everyone and everything. Criticize the government, MPs, the police. Hear from all sides — “in the garage dirt, debris, all piled up and broken”, “where were the police when the killer walked around the city, opened a case of murder, villains, do not want to look alive buried child,” “bring back the death penalty in Russia”, “we need to Lynch the murderer of the girl”. Yes, of course, everything has flaws and shortcomings, but somehow removed all responsibility from themselves. It is not our members have made a passage through the garage, they break lights and litter on the streets, it’s us – we create it around ourselves. Where were the police why they brought the case about the murder, the police worked. They are always working and not couch critics, students and mothers on maternity leave to teach law enforcement how to operate and what things to have during a missing person. The area where the killer lived a long time, is without the district, it is just not there, there is a vacancy, at the site of each district about 35 thousand people ( 1 police officer). I’m not saying that it somehow diminishes the fact that it is not modified Kirovsky police Department, but where were all vigilant citizens who neighbor the recidivist with the experience? As they performed their civic duty ?”

If you highlight the essence of this passage, we see the idea of the guilt of all, of anyone other than responsible for the state of society. That is, except the ruling class and the apparatus of repression belonging to this class. On the other hand, really can you blame a society of passive people who do not seek to observe their class and personal interests. After all, personal and public safety is our class interest. Same as purity around, night lighting of streets and maintenance of public order. However, our interest as proletarians, diametrically opposed to the interest of the bourgeoisie in the preservation and enhancement of profits. Because on the one hand they are increasing the police force and regardie, saturating them with new weapons and means of dispersal, and on the other hand, on the land, the police do not have time to work on incoming cases and engrossed in routine paperwork instead of finding the criminals and preventing crimes.

Quote: “I am sincerely sorry for the police who work day and night, who suffer rudeness and disrespect those who believes that can show them how to work. On the return of the death penalty every time you cry every time some kid is found dead. Will pohudet and forget. And what the death penalty can be currently when nothing worked. Everyone just wants his favor. Here and now, and about the consequences, nobody thinks – not used. Lynching, in my view, in any frame does not climb, why do people want some kind of freedom for themselves, arrange meetings, and then these same people insane with anger want to tear to pieces, even criminal. Yes, this murderer deserves to die, but not from the hands of the mob. this crowd is no different from the killers of the child, but is covered by equity. Every time you kill a child the situation is the same, I admit, a pity the children, but also feel sorry for all the others, regardless of the age of the people killed”

About the guardians of the law, steeped in the routine, and therefore not able to efficiently perform their work, for which blamed by citizens, we mentioned earlier – so will not be repeated. Consider the following thought: “thunder does not clap – a peasant will not cross”. Really — the company is horrified, when there are such high-profile events and as a hunted beast seeking an immediate solution to the issue. Not thinking about the correct course of action. From this factor and from the factor of confidence in the authorities and law enforcement bodies, are born of thought about lynching. Although at this point, the vigilantes will be on the same level with the murderer, as their is no authority. As well as there is no guarantee that the offender was found correctly. But anyone who wants to PR and maintains the heat of hysteria in the news, just need short-term results, which they can use for their own purposes. And this goal is far from the interests of the majority of the population. Even discarding the interests of the bourgeoisie as a whole, it cannot cancel individual people’s desire to somehow earn. And in this desire people insatiable, as always dominates the greed effect of being in which we live.

Quote: “Also, the people showed themselves frankly stupid. They are asked to coordinate their efforts to get the task from the “Lisa Alert”, but hundreds just spat it interfering with the rest of the volunteers, incoherently staggering around the city and trampling all that is possible. In this case created conditions in which assistance could be required by him. People are asked not to write and not to call the girl’s parents not to go in the yard because the family is not up to them, but it is better to know how to. Of course, the cohesion of our city was a pleasant surprise, and the noble intentions of the countrymen valued by me completely, but coupled with the terrible ignorance and disregard of simple rules in the sense of it is not very much. The sneaker that you want me to throw — you can start to throw. Then the sale will be satisfied.”

Now let us examine the final statements. It turns out that people showed themselves silly not coordinated, though coordination should engage the relevant structures. The same Fund “Liza Alert” (according to witnesses) could not organize the work of volunteers and to assign tasks for 4 hours. Also there is no reminders for the volunteers how to work, not to trample the trail and not lose the last chance to find the lost. Although the most effective methods is still in the hands of the security services – a database on criminals, the access to all cameras and other methods of electronic surveillance. However, here, too, everything begins with the material conditions in our country. When everything is in the open saying that you are not profitable for us. Treat people as expendable.

Proclaimed the people of new oil. Moreover, this oil and fruit. It happens to her sometimes. And the lower the level of life and education – the quicker and more active breed of people. Because they understand that to continue themselves in children is necessary, and other ways to preserve your genes in the future, in addition to a large number of children, no. At least somebody will survive. Here on this background, capital very freely. Uneducated people do not understand the reasons why they are getting worse and worse to live. Because it is cultivated and speed of decision-making, and in any unclear situation people are ready to grab a pitchfork.

Comrades, that our children were alive and well – we need to change social being. To take ownership of the factories-the depths-transport from private persons to Give everything to United production and economic complex under the control of competent experts, in the interest of the whole society. That is socialism. But just because these changes will not happen. It is preceded by the fight for their interests. And fighting this will not work to win the fragmented forces.

This requires a party of workers. We all need to unite to defend their rights. The only way we can protect our loved ones and our future!

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