The view from the king’s throne


Not to break your destiny reckless act, you need to know the laws, that is, to know how your behavior looks power. Also need to know that you are everywhere and always under the close supervision of the highest authorities in the Universe, but this knowledge is not given immediately. For starters, there are the teachings of Christ, giving all to understand that then people tried to live for God, defeating all your bad motives, and these efforts had a Heavenly Father to responsiveness. And when people do it, and God begins to answer his requests and questions, he already knows that, indeed, is always under the watchful supervision of God.

To all this, you think incredulously? As it should be, and we must not believe people who can fool the dark forces, and the Word of God.


For a revival of this faith we must try to understand what is the doctrine of Christ. And you will be lucky, if you understand that the mouth of Jesus was taught by God and that He preserved His teachings in the book of the Gospels without changing the meaning, so everything written there is the statement of Jesus is the Word of God. The word is divine seed, and when you try to understand the meaning of it, pondering the Word, it takes root in your mind, getting yourself a backup of the subconscious mind, and produces shoots in the form of insights from the Word.

There are drawn, as in human consciousness of the divine seed grows a plant that must produce good fruits, and that rooting and branching plant is a divine way of thinking that guides human to error-free action in all conditions. With such thinking people can with honor to solve problems of higher complexity, tasks with the most difficult conditions.


This kind of thinking allows you not to forget that all of us see the strength of the King of the Universe, our Heavenly Father who has told us by the mouth of Jesus the words of Their instruction. And these invisible forces purposefully lead every person to the fact that he tried to live for God.

All around us eyes, ears and hands of our Heavenly Father, and it is the judgments of God and determine the fate of each of us. And fate punishes us for our sins, when their evil work we produce ourselves the bitter fruits of that in the future to know what to do.


Взгляд с царского трона

All this is written with the hope to encourage you to join in meditating on the Word of God. Without this you can not explain what is most important for our Heavenly Father of our immortal souls, they are His children, living temporarily in human bodies and passing on the Ground training. Only the Word of God all this will explain to you and will awaken your soul to overcome the dark forces that direct the person when his soul is sleeping.

All this means is very simple – from the Word before you realize that you are always before the eyes of the King of the Universe, seated on His throne. You have to realize that if the Lord look upon you with displeasure, you are in big trouble, and you Wake up to overcome their inner promptings, guide you to the ungodly. Everything is filed in Word, but if it all comes don’t to all the people who read the word, the reason is not enough fertile soil of the subconscious, their souls have not known the retribution for our evil deeds, and therefore cannot tell their owners what the Word of God teaches is absolutely true and correct.


Russian world has its share of trouble abound, so the Russian soul needs to tell the person that under the gaze of the masters of the Universe need to live according to His good counsel, expressed by the lips of Jesus Christ.


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