The Utah desert monolith is vanished


The mysterious monolith that was previously found in the desert of the American state of Utah seems to be lost. Local authorities have shown that the object has been changed ‘by an unknown third party’.

A remote region and the chances of getting lost or accidents are too big.

It was that mysterious thing that attracted adventurers. Only 48 hours after the news got out, social media pictures of fearless travelers appeared. One of the first to fight for the unique photographs was 33-year-old David Surber, a former officer of the United States Army. He drove for six hours through the nocturnal desert to find the bizarre object.

Local authorities regard the danger as private property and have not moved it for that reason, as they say. ,”Almost as soon as he appeared, it is now gone”, according to The New York Times, the local Department of Public Safety responded to the mystery. ,I can only speculate that aliens took it back.”

The work could have been made by artist John McCracken, who died in 2011. His gallery owner, David Zwirner, said to The New York Times, ” I think this was definitely made by John.” But not everyone in the gallery is convinced of that. In that case, it would have been put there a few years after McCracken’s death, if Tim Slane’s timeline is correct. It is possible that this work is by the hand of another artist, whether or not in tribute to McCracken.

Around August 2015 – October 2016, when according to Google Earth’s satellite images, the enigmatic object must have been placed in the Utah desert, there were also recordings for the first season of the Westworld science fiction TV series somewhere nearby. It’s possible the metal thing is a remnant of a film set.


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