The use of traditional Chinese medicines patent medicine


Использование традиционных китайских лекарственных средств в патентной медицине

Chinese medicine – a fusion of modern pharmaceutical researches and traditional ingredients that are used for the production of medicines for millennia.

Chinese producers supply the local and international market cosmetics, medicines, and hygiene items. For example, in a specialty store, you can buy the liquid for intimate hygiene, tampons, and Chinese seals made from organic ingredients that have unique healing properties.

Experts create unique formulations of medicines to patent medicine. Manufacturers use only high-quality pharmaceutical products and Chinese herbs. Before the start of supply to the market, these products are in the stage of standardization and certification for ensuring the authenticity, quality, efficiency and safety. In addition, many Chinese drugs have been tested by independent companies operating at the international level.

Since the ingredients should be processed in specific ways to achieve the desired healing properties and removing toxicity, the manufacturers do not reveal all their secrets, but provide guarantees of security products. For the manufacture of tablets, ointments, and other medicinal herbs is first thoroughly cleaned, then mixed together and extracted in water. This process allows you to control the temperature and time of extraction of the finished mixture. Essential oils that typically evaporate from the herbs when heated is recovered in the extraction process.

The use of active ingredients allows to obtain the necessary medicinal properties for the manufacture of the finished pharmaceutical product. Some properties of the medication will depend also on the used admixtures and additives.

After the extraction step the remnants of grass are removed, and the resulting liquid is extracted and pumped to the condenser. Here the remaining water evaporates, leaving only a concentrated paste, which after thorough drying turns into a tablet. Adding a small amount of dry powdered herbs from the original herbal formulas, the manufacturers avoid the use of synthetic binders, ensuring environmental cleanliness and absolute safety of the finished products.


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