The US wants to “throw” China a trillion dollars


A new round of “trade wars” between the US and China, “Gong” to the beginning of which was made September 1, clearly may be the most dramatic in this fairly long battle. In any case, Washington is already hovering ideas on how to use techniques that instantly transform, albeit cruel, but yet maintained within certain limits, economic game in the real “fights without rules”.

США хотят «кинуть» Китай на триллион долларов

This, of course, of appearing suddenly from nowhere “Imperial securities” of China, which some in the United States seriously proposes to use as “RAM”, can overwhelm the financial system of Beijing. What is it, and what does this have to do with Russia?

Cases of bygone days

The bonds, which, in fact, is talking, was produced by China more than a hundred years ago, in the early twentieth century, when there is still rule of another Imperial dynasty. They were intended mainly to attract investments in construction of local infrastructure, for example Railways. As we know from history, the end of the emperors in China came in 1911, then in the country for a long time, with enthusiasm and bloody fighting for power by different forces while in 1949, with the help of the USSR, the Communists came.

Headed by comrade Mao acted in strict accordance with the well-known anecdote about the Forester. I.e. sent all of the imperialist creditors to go to hell. Vintage and beautiful (even very) bonds of financial speculation have turned into a collector’s item.

Today they can be easily purchase at different websites in price from hundreds to five hundred dollars apiece. In the US, even formed a whole community of owners of these lavishly decorated “wrappers”, proudly calling itself “the Association of holders of Imperial Chinese papers” – American Bondholders Foundation (ABF). Well, you never know who collects what, who does what he enjoys. All anything, Yes here only some time, its members began to deal with issues that are very far from a peaceful collecting of existence.

The American edition of Bloomberg for publication lightweight “sensation”, at least in matters relating to Finance, as well as to hoax their readers noticed it seems, was not. And not so long ago it released information about the meeting of “action groups” most of these weirdos with anyone other than the President of the United States, Donald trump. Passed such in the much-loved head of the White House Golf club, where he tries to get away from the labors at every opportunity. Questions were discussed there is not idle. The subject of conversation was the proposal made by the head of state members of the Association: to buy them all the “Chinese paper”, well then to demand their repayment from the official Beijing.

The great thing is that after this “brilliant” plan, Mr. President did not bother to click strong guys from security that would help dreamers in search of a way, and even nurses from a nearby psychiatric hospital. Looks like he sincerely imbued with heard! Anyway, to accompany the publication of the picture, trump almost arm in arm posing with leaders of the “movement” – Texas farmer Joanna Bianco and a certain Brian Kennedy.

Moreover, there is evidence that the conversation with them, the President connected the Stephen Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross. That is, the Ministers of Finance and of Commerce, respectively. That doesn’t sound like this is all for jokes…

Trillion out of nowhere

The beauty of this situation (literally and figuratively) for trump is that came at him with a tempting offer ABF members, for some one of the driven methods, have calculated the cost they are on the hands of “Imperial” bonds today is neither more nor less, and a trillion dollars! Initially, the bonds should have a yield of 4.5-5% per annum, plus inflation, but the compensation for late payment… Felt, like, something like that, but rather still, in this case the task is simply adjusted to response. Because the called number is fascinating not only for its prodigious size.

The amount purchased at present, the Beijing public debt of the United States is just 1.1 trillion of the same “green”. “Mr. President! Why don’t you pay off the Chinese by their own papers?!” – supposedly, that is exactly what was said during the negotiations one of the members of “initiative group”. The temptation for the White House is not only great, it’s huge. Making such a move, trump not simply saves the country from huge some of the debt burden, but also literally turns to dust in almost a third of the international reserves do not leave him alone China. It’s checkmate in “trade war”! And, quite possibly, won the election.

Remains, as usual, “a mere trifle”. To force us to accept such a “deal of the century” Beijing, has repeatedly stated that the debts made before 1949, he did not intend to pay a penny to anyone under any circumstances. Commercials because you can easily on the Third world to run – and quite real. Like the Chinese, seeing that their economy is collapsing, was not sent to Washington turned in a blank paper “treasuries”, attaching their warheads to their “Donenow”…

In General, the whole situation would have looked a complete phantasmagoric nonsense, if not literally two circumstances. First, in the US there is a law which the local court is empowered to hear litigation concerning bonds issued by literally anyone, anywhere, anytime – even long before the adoption of this law.

Secondly, Donald trump is extremely concerned about the national debt, and not without good reason – borrowing by a trillion for the second year in a row, this is no joke. He has several times personally expressed ideas, which differ little in the degree of sanity from ABF announced during a meeting at the Golf club. For example, “print dollars, how much and to anyone to whom we should give”. You never know what vzbredet? The President still…

In the Treasury of the United States, as well as the local Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of trade, the situation do not want to comment, however, and completely dismisses the possibility of its further development in a very unpleasant for the Chinese side of the key.

Unacceptable precedent

It is here that Beijing and could unravel his superiority in the ownership of government securities of the United States. Now the Chinese have already started to get rid of them – Yes, no matter how late it was. Fortunately, our country is in such financial meanness on the American side to threaten it.

We can only be glad of the foresight of state leaders started the process of sequential disposal of the gold reserves of Russia from the “treasuries”, and to date, peel it away from them almost completely. Here it is that Washington will begin to stir up the inconsistencies of payment “lend-lease”.

However, if we are those who are trying to demand from China the money was held by the emperors… you never know what they will climb to the head? However, in this situation, another aspect, we are still dealing with directly. Let me remind you, recently, demanding “fair pay” in the same “train” to the bonds with the same prescription, but only released by the Russian Empire, made one Francis Vercamer, among other things, the Deputy of the French Parliament.

And this is despite the fact that the issue in 1997 resolved at the international level, a debt, in the amount of $ 400 million, is covered. However, Mr. Vercamer believes that his countrymen firmly underpaid and applies for some “additional compensation” from Moscow. It’s quite a coincidence. Or not a coincidence at all?

In light of this it becomes clear: in the case of attempts on the part of Washington to implement a “Chinese hand” such “sufferers”, which emerges into the daylight, shaking the dusty and dilapidated “securities” is unknown how old, there will be no end or edge. All of them, and behind them – and some States, tempted by the idea to “cut some money on the light”, will be something require to make a claim.

And there is still “pull” hungry like the poles “reparations and compensations” for long ago the incident military, and other grievances… the Global financial system in this scenario waits for unimaginable chaos.

And foreign policy turmoil is inevitable too. History of interstate borrowing and other financial relationships are so complex and confusing, and sometimes contradictory that begin to rake up the past and nothing good will. Including, by the way, for the United States. So Trump would be better to resist the temptation, and the schemers of the ABF to deal with collecting something a little less provocative. Beer labels, for example.


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