The US stand on the rails of a global conflict


США встают на рельсы глобального конфликта

Canadian expert on international law and human rights Christopher black in his new material for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook” noted that in the ranks of the American oligarchy in the recent reign of “fear and loathing”. Politicians and businessmen are not able to understand why the US is no longer capable of playing the role of dictatorship in the conditions of a multipolar world.

He noted that a sovereign and strong players in the international political arena, such as the Russian Federation and China, will never “take the salute” when the first call from Washington, and the crimes of the West in fuelling local conflicts and the “color revolutions” more will not go unpunished, as are sharply condemned in the world press.

“Not a funny joke in American: after the imposition of sanctions against the DPRK, China, Russia and Iran, Washington began to treat Turkey, which just recently lifted the state of emergency, caused by Western attempts to destabilize the situation in the country and a coup in Ankara,” – emphasizes the expert.

Christopher black concluded that against the background of tensions in the international arena inside the U.S. case prevails where is more pitiable: “the System of American democracy is imperfect and is a pathetic attempt to conceal the domination of the oligarchy over local political forces. For a long time in the United States there is a systematic work to eliminate public control over the activities of the authorities.”

The endless stream of unfounded claims against the Russian Federation concerning the notorious “case Skrypalia”, “interference in the presidential election” and “illegitimate involvement in the Syrian conflict” is needed only in order to divert the attention of ordinary Americans from the upcoming parliamentary elections and their subsequent discrediting. Democrats want to take away from the Republicans all vote and declare them “illegitimate” in connection with “cooperation with Russia”. If this number will be in the United States will finally rule the dictatorship of the oligarchs hatched a plan for the preparation of major global conflict.


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