The US is preparing a new provocation in Syria with “ISIS” and Kurdish


США готовят новую провокацию в Сирии с участием "ИГИЛ" и курдов

In various international information sources are beginning to receive information from sources close to military intelligence, SAA, that in the near future in Syria, the terrorists of “ISIS” (the organization was banned in Russia) want to make a new provocation using chemical weapons. This time – controlled Syrian Kurdistan territory of the province of Deir ez-Zor, which is clear evidence of close cooperation “of the people’s protection Units” (YPG) with the Islamists.

According to published data source of military intelligence of ATS, training of provocation is 23 April 2018. In a “theatrical production” of a world scale in addition to the above mentioned parties involved civilians of the governorate and US intelligence services, who oversees this production. The head of the “project” assigned to a former militant ISIL, known by the name of the Mission Idris al Hamas.

Managed to install and location: it will be the oil field, “al-Jafr”, is located at a distance of a few tens of kilometers to the East from the administrative center of the governorate, the eponymous city of Deir ez-Zor. At the moment this area is under the control of Kurdish militias. It is noteworthy that after conquering “the Democratic Forces of Syria” from the ISIL, the militants have lost all interest in the oil field: this is a direct indication of YPG cooperation with the Islamists and the lack of contradictions between them.

It should be noted that the facts of interaction with the Kurds “ISIS” appeared in the media previously. So, at the end of 2017 extensive publicity was the agreement concluded between the terrorists and the Syrian Kurdistan, decided to work on the division of spheres of influence in Seprate. Already not a secret that “ISIS” was originally created by US intelligence with reference to the regionalists, having a certain weight in Syria. The choice fell on the Kurds, which increased in a relatively short time, their administrative area hundreds of times.

“Provocation aims to strengthen the effect from the previous one in the Duma and to demonstrate the correctness of the policy of the United States against Syria. From the point of view of psychology, there is another fact that confirms the previous facts makes a person ceteris paribus believe in their truthfulness. In fact, for the first and second are United States. This cooperation is coordinated by the policy of the United States to retain the province of Deir ez-Zor”, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of history and politics, Moscow state pedagogical University, Vladimir Shapovalov in an interview with RIA “FAN”.

The goal of Washington in the planned chemical attack is very clear: to allow Syrian Kurdistan to retain control over the East of the state, which has enormous oil and gas deposits. The Americans have not concealed their attempts to finally destabilize the situation in the middle East and continue to sponsor their puppets ISIL and Syrian Kurdistan to fight the government of Bashar Assad. The Kurds in this case are the common accomplices of the terrorists who, based on Western grants provide the militants of the territory to stage himataki.


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