“The us government is constantly lying” Oliver stone explained why he removed the “Snowden”


Spy drama “Snowden” was presented to the audience at the annual film festival in Toronto. At a press conference dedicated to the premiere of the film, Director Oliver stone explained why he decided to tell this story to the world. In his opinion, all that is happening now, is beyond common sense.

“The us government is constantly lying” Oliver stone explained why he removed the “Snowden”

New Oliver stone’s “Snowden,” says a former employee of the American National Security Agency (NSA), which in 2013 gave the largest local publications information about total surveillance of citizens of different countries, which for several years practiced by US intelligence agencies. Then Edward Snowden was forced to leave the country in connection with accusations of betrayal – he is currently located on the territory of Russia, which has granted him asylum.

Oliver stone was quoted by the newspaper Guardian:Americans don’t know anything about it for the reason that the government is lying about it. What is happening now is shocking. This story applies not only to wiretap someone, but the wiretapping of a huge number of people around the world, drones, spy software. As Snowden once put it: “things got out of control, the whole world is out of control.” Obama could forgive him, as we all hope. But now the President in the espionage Act, actively develops” eight informants, which is a record among all us presidents. In addition, he has become one of the main supporters of the surveillance. It is the most powerful state supervision over the entire existence of the country, and it was he who organized all this. I grew up in a world where, it seemed to me, could never happen this. But after 2001, it became clear that something radically changed. Even more than it seems at first glance. And no matter what they say – you need to take a closer look around.”
Trailer of the movie “Snowden”
The film by Oliver stone based on the book “the Snowden Files: the Story of the most wanted man in the world” by Luke Harding and “Time of the octopus” by Anatoly Kucherena (Snowden’s lawyer Edward). The main role in the film played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring in such films as “500 days of summer”, “the passion of don Juan”, “the Dark knight: the legend” and “Beginning.” At the meeting in the framework of the Comic-con conference Director Oliver stone admitted that in trying to find funding for his new paintings, he visited all the major studios, which he eventually refused. Investors he found in other countries – in France and Germany, the funds in the trade invested an independent company Open Road, released on the screens the film “In the spotlight”, which received the award “Oscar”. In Russian cinemas of “Snowden” can be seen from 15 Sep.

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Trailer of the movie “Snowden”

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