The us billionaire predicted the imminent collapse of the US and praise Russia


Американский миллиардер предсказал скорый крах США и возвысил Россию

Americans, especially those with power rarely say something good about Russia, especially now. Therefore, the statement of the billionaire from the US Jim Rogers still enjoys great popularity and public interest.

No, Jim Rogers does not possess psychic abilities, he is a traveler, writer and billionaire in combination. Their forecasts regarding the global economy and the future of the countries it makes, based on analytical skills.

He owns a loud prediction that the U.S. economy will soon burst like a soap bubble. Jim stated that the US “will live” up to a maximum of 2020, the world will fall apart. However, Europe also face serious shocks, it’ll be everyone except Russia.

USA is the largest debtor in the world, but throughout history, said Rogers. A couple of years the economy of this country will not be able to compensate for this low interest rates on the debts, and many States and cities are waiting for bankruptcy.

The dollar will continue to grow in the next couple of years, but eventually burst like a bubble. This will be a real collapse, because millions of people invested in dollar assets.

But for Russia, all more or less rosy, says Rogers. This country has already passed all major tests, so in the future will only slowly but surely to develop. Sanctions will soon be lifted, so he advises Russians to abandon the ruble in favor of another currency.

And is not an empty phrase — Rodgers heavily invested in the Russian economy. And began to invest it in 2014, as sanctions were imposed in connection with the Crimea.

It is worth noting that his economic forecasts have repeatedly come true!


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