The United States recognized the existence of climate weapons


США признали существование климатического оружия

Until recently, the use of climate weapons, however, as its existence was kept secret, but in November 2017 Committee on environment and Committee on energy hosted a conference on the topic of geo-engineering and innovation in this area, and the video was published on the government website.

Geoengineering — a set of measures and actions aimed at actively changing climatic conditions in the local region of the Earth or on the planet to counter undesirable climate, and obtain the most comfortable living conditions and economic activities in most parts of the world.

The Wikipedia definition is not complete, because geoengineering can be used to create hurricanes. Fortunately, we have a pdf document in which quite a lot of useful information about these technologies. Including on the climate wars. (I recommend to download and explore)

In particular, there is considered a heat wave in the summer of 2010 that led to massive forest fires and unprecedented can in a number of regions of Russia. In its scope, duration, and extent of the effects the heat had no analogues for more than a century of weather observations.

США признали существование климатического оружия heat map 2010 (August)

I think the Americans 7 years of silence about the existence of climate weapons, and now they have a conscience?

Not at all. States acknowledged the existence of climate weapons with one intent. They lifted the veil of secrecy to hide the bigger lie. After numerous facts the negative impact of dimitras on human health, the world elite started to promote the idea that chemtrails are needed to counter global warming.

It is strange that they are fighting global warming only over populated areas. Better fight with the warming in the Arctic, where melting ice. That’s what people write in the group “Chemtrails” Vkontakte.

США признали существование климатического оружия

The girl who published this post more than six months collects pictures of dimitras. That is the facts of their existence over large cities quite a lot. Chemicals are sprayed not only in the States, but in Russia.

The theme of dimitras is quite extensive. I’m not gonna post a lot of pictures or videos proving their existence. This was done at the conference in the States and posted on a government website. Source of authority, then it is accurate information.
For clarity, we add a video with the faulty atomizer dimitras.

What is global warming and why is he so afraid?

By the way, “global warming” is a natural process and not something they caused by greenhouse gases. This process of restoring the climate, which was to global disaster. For example, at latitude of Saint Petersburg will be possible to grow grapes without any greenhouses. You all will become clear when You get acquainted with the work of Oleg Pavlyuchenko, who for several years engaged in the study of old buildings and travel arrangements for the Krasnodar territory. He has a serious justification that from Space to Earth dropped a huge object that has damaged not only the surface but also the air envelope of our planet.

We all know that the atmosphere protects the Earth from cosmic cold. The area, located in the center of a powerful explosion at some time have been without an atmosphere. The blast broke the integrity of the atmosphere, and the cold of outer space have reached the Earth’s surface. The soil in those areas was frozen to a depth of almost 1 km away. the recovery of climate, known as global warming is still ongoing.

By the way, trump knows that global warming is a fiction. In June 2017, the US withdrew from the Paris climate agreement. This entrepreneur will find a more worthy use of the money that was spent on the implementation of essentially useless programs.

I hope You understand that it is impossible to fully consider certain subject without affecting the others. Everything is interconnected. To reveal the big lie you need a better look at the details. For a more complete understanding of the processes of climate change on the Earth I recommend to read at least one of the video Oleg Pavlyuchenko.

In the video below reviews the physical processes that occurred during the disaster, for example a nuclear explosion. Without exaggeration, it will be useful to view some of the series.




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