The United States announced the tightening of anti-Russian sanctions


США анонсировали ужесточение антироссийских санкцийWe are talking about the second wave of restrictive measures for poisoning Skripal.

Washington has promised Moscow the second package is “extremely harsh” sanctions for poisoning a Newbie ex-spy of the GRU, Sergei Skripal in England.

The new restrictive measures on hearings on this subject in the House of representatives of the U.S. Congress, announced assistant Secretary of Manish Singh.

As the official explained, Moscow has ignored U.S. calls on inspections of Russian facilities for the destruction of chemical weapons, and, accordingly, has not given guarantees against their use. “This was our condition in order not to impose new sanctions,” recalled Singh.

According to her, on the basis of the law on the control of chemical and biological weapons, as well as on the assumption that changes in the behaviour of the Russian regime not expected, the state Department in November intends to introduce a second wave of “extremely harsh” sanctions against Russia.

The first wave of the U.S. for the assassination in Salisbury went to the end of the summer.

“The Putin regime is currently suffering from actual costs, and they will continue to grow until it stops its aggression,” – said in Washington.


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