The UN Secretary General put the state of the world’s richest men and has discovered the inequality


Генсек ООН сложил состояния богатейших людей в мире и обнаружил неравенство

UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres resigned as the 26 richest people of the world and stated that it is equal to the amount of money, which together possesses half the world’s population. He said this during his speech, a lecture in memory of Nelson Mandela, dedicated to the birthday of a fighter against apartheid. The text of his speech published the website of the Foundation Mandela.

“26 the richest people in the world belong to the same amenities as the half the world’s population,” said UN Secretary-General. Guterres also said that more than 70 percent of the world’s population lives in conditions of growing inequality.

He said that inequality does not always depends on the amount of wealth and income. According to the Secretary General of the UN, for many people in the world, it means discrimination based on sex, race, disability and other factors.

Earlier in June, Guterres said that the world is on the verge of the largest in the last 50 years the food crisis. He urged the governments of all countries to take urgent measures to prevent harmful effects of a pandemic coronavirus and ensure food security. According to him, it is quite possible that soon the poor people cannot afford even basic foodstuffs.


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