The UN has condemned the violation of the embargo on arms supplies to Libya


Several aircraft with weapons has landed in Libya in the last week despite the ban.

The UN has condemned the supply of weapons to Libya, which continue despite the current embargo and the agreements of the Berlin conference. This is stated in the statement of the UN Mission support in Libya on Sunday, 26 January, reports the with reference to Корреспондент.net.

An uneasy truce between the internationally recognised Government of national consensus and the Libyan national army, reached on 12 January, was under threat due to the continuation of the transfer of foreign troops and weapons to Libya by the UN, including those who participated in the Berlin conference.

Over the past 10 days in Libya airports landed a few planes with weapons and foreign soldiers.

“The mission condemns ongoing violations that may lead to recovery and increased hostilities (in Libya — ed.)”, — stated in the Mission statement.


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