The UN has called the worst country for women


В ООН назвали худшие страны для жизни женщин Here women have few opportunities.

Countries in the Middle East, and Pakistan and Iran were the States that provide the fewest opportunities for women’s employment, and this is the reason of high rates of female unemployment.

Such data results in the structural unit of the UN – international labour organization. About it reports Radio Freedom.

“The unemployment rate among women in the middle East more than two times higher than among men – 16.3 percent compared to 6.8%, and women who still have a job, often receive lower wages and jobs with lower qualifications,” – said in the report.

As noted by the gender specialist of the UN Emanuela Pozzan for women in the middle East work “is not attractive, because wages are unattractive”. She explained that the region has insufficient leave to child care services and child care needed for working women.

If worldwide, nearly half of women working in the middle East there is only a total of about 19%, and South Asia – 28%.


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