The Ukrainians have developed a useful service for photo processing


Украинцы разработали полезный сервис по обработке фотоA free online service called Let’s Enhance.

The founders and developers of the project, Alexander Samsonenko and Vladislav Pranskevichus launched a free online service improve your photos Let’s Enhance.

It is based on neural networks that allows to increase the resolution of images in four times, while minimizing the loss in quality. The development of the project took three months and its alpha version was launched at the end of October. Service almost immediately received a number of publications in local and Western media, and on 4 November ProductHunt has announced its product of the day.

This week Let’s Enhance has processed 100,000 photos, and the traffic on the website reached over 300,000 unique visitors. Because of the influx of users currently waiting on processing photos is about four hours. In the basis of the service is based on three neural networks.

First removes artifacts from JPEG compression, and the other two are boring and the magic — allow you to increase the resolution four times. Boring restores the clarity of the lines and structures, and Magic in turn, draws the details, originally missing on the image.

Yet Let’s Enhance works with files no larger than 5 megapixels, but Savonenko explains that this limitation in the future I plan to shoot for paid users.

This app is perfect for robots designers, photographers and frontend developers. The founders hope that in the near future it will become popular among Ukrainian users.


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