The Ukrainian radicals in the Donbass revealed weapons from the United States


У украинских радикалов в Донбассе обнаружилось вооружение из США

The United States secured their anti-tank complexes soldiers of the battalion “Azov”, operating in the zone of armed conflict in the Donbass. It is reported by news Agency TASS, citing a statement by the permanent representative of Russia to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich.

In his speech at the meeting in Vienna Lukashevich said that according to NGO “Atlantic Council”, armed with the radical of the battalion “Azov” came purchased from American manufacturers of weapons, including antitank systems Toy.

In addition, said Lukashevich, the representatives of the “Azov” was also discovered severe Global Hawk drones made in the USA and the American spy plane Boeing P-8A. Also the Russian permanent representative said that in April 2017, the year Kiev receives from the United States hand grenades.



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