The UK has faced a strange toxic cloud


Великобританию накрыло странное ядовитое облакоAs it turned out, the cloud was the cause of the terrible consequences.

Mysterious cloud over the South coast of the UK. Local residents began to complain of pain in the throat and eyes, and went to the doctors. In the end, in a local hospital had to deploy the online help. Where did the poison is unknown.

Toxic haze enveloped the village of Birling Gap. The night before, the residents felt choking, and their eyes began to tear. Subsequently, they could not even see the light. The condition of the people was only worsened when they tried to wash the eyes. They say that the air was impregnated with odor of chlorine. Needed help more than hundreds of residents.

“My eyes began to tear. But most hurt my daughter, she was sick with asthma. We were advised not to panic, drink plenty of water and seek medical care”, – said a local resident Lila Charlton.

A poisonous cloud coming from the sea. Rescuers asked the inhabitants of the County of East Sussex, where he spread the mist to approach the channel coast, and the Windows and doors of their houses to keep closed. Rescue teams in boats doctor on Board to check the coast. They want to make sure that the beaches remained vacationers. From the area of contamination of the evacuated tourists.

Now the exact origin of the fog is unknown. Local environmentalists suggest: toxic cloud formed during a gas leak at a French factory at Rouen. The weather she sank to the British County of East Sussex. The version with chlorine, the police rejected. Then the poisoning would have caused to local residents more harm. Now the gas cloud almost dissipated, and is no longer a danger to humans.


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