The U.S. Supreme court has approved the use of the migration decree trump


Верховный суд США одобрил применение миграционного указа Трампа In support of the ban on entry into the United States to citizens of the six countries with predominantly Muslim populations spoke seven Supreme court judges voted against only two.

The Supreme court (SC), United States on Monday, 4 December, allowed the administration of Donald trump to enact a ban on the entry of citizens of six countries with a predominantly Muslim population. Thus was abolished two decisions of the lower courts, navigasie restrictions on the migration decree the White house.

Meanwhile, as noted by the news Agency, the verdict of the armed forces is not final because appeals against the decision of the tramp still be seen in a number of Federal courts of the United States.

Voted against only two

In support of the ban on Monday spoke of seven judges, armed forces, voted against only two. Under the presidential decree fall the citizens of Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Chad.

The earlier document was partially blocked by a Federal judge in the state of Hawaii and the court of appeal in San Francisco.

First, the migration order was signed by trump on January 27. After a wave of criticism and protests, the U.S. government softened some of its provisions, and in March was followed by an updated order of American leader. In October the Supreme court rejected the complaint of defenders of the ban on entry into the United States to citizens of several countries.


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