The U.S. court will decide the fate of the Venezuelan plant Citgo


Суд США решит судьбу венесуэльского завода Citgo

The official Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and recognized in the United States Venezuelan President Juan Guido fight for control of the oil refinery of PDVSA in the United States – Citgo, and according to Reuters, the U.S. court must decide who will control it.

Citgo Petroleum Corp., one of the largest refineries in the United States, now clumsily working with two dueling boards of Directors – one appointed Maduro and another – Guido, and both delve into the struggle for power against Venezuela in the United States. on the basis of the refinery. Yesterday, Maduro has filed a lawsuit in state court in Delaware, according to Reuters, to officially recognize a well-selected Board Maduro to take control of Citgo income in 30 billion dollars.

The Supreme court of Venezuela has previously rendered a decision in favor of Maduro, but this decision did not help Guido to step aside when it comes to a critical asset. Chairman of Guido is the one who led Citgo in the United States.

Citgo said that he is confident that U.S. courts recognize a claim of Guido on the appointment of Directors, and Maduro inevitably attempt to usurp his power. Through its reclamation efforts, several leaders of Citgo, five of whom were American citizens, was imprisoned over a year ago when they returned to Venezuela for a meeting. The so-called Citgo 6 is still in custody awaiting trial, he is accused of corruption, embezzlement and the elaboration of an agreement on debt restructuring, which the Maduro administration considered unfavorable to PDVSA.


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