The U.S. Congress has drafted sanctions against 7 leading banks of the Russian Federation


В Конгрессе США подготовили санкции против 7 ведущих банков РФ

In Congress, the United States has issued sanctions against all the leading banks of the Russian Federation — this became known after the publication of a new bill presented in Congress by Republican Joaquin Castro. Reportedly, the new sanctions bill generated in support of Britain and against Russia’s aggressive actions in the UK and in Europe.

Under this bill it is proposed to impose sanctions on 7 Russian banks. In particular, this:

2.VTB Bank.
3. Gazprombank.
4. The Bank Of Moscow.
5. Vnesheconombank.
6. Rosselkhozbank.
7. PSB.

Sanctions would include the seizure of these banks in the USA, and also freezing of accounts and transactions with these banks.

The above banks form more than 60% of foreign exchange and domestic monetary transactions in Russia. In the case of the introduction of this bill, the experts believe that Russia in General will be much harder to carry out foreign economic activity, the Russian economy will suffer irreparable damage that will leave her in pre-default state.


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