The U.S. Congress has blocked the consideration of the impeachment trump


The U.S. Congress today for voting to block the impeachment of U.S. President Donald trump.

It is noted that 332 congressmen to vote against consideration of the resolution, 95 for and one abstained. It is noted that Congress voted to postpone consideration of the impeachment, and not to abandon it altogether, reports the with reference to

Trump commented on the idea of impeachment as “the most ridiculous” case over which he had to work.

“The impeachment of your President, who headed the largest economic boom in our country’s history, the best performance, the greatest reduction of taxes, the recovery of the armed forces and much more, has now ended. This should never happen with another President of the United States again,” writes trump.

Recall: the procedure of impeachment initiated by a Congressman from the Democratic party of al green. The reason are incorrect statements of trump’s tweet regarding the representatives of the Democratic party. They trump has offered progressive women Democrats who say bad things about the States, to leave the U.S. and return to their “most corrupt and inept” countries in the world. In particular, he mentioned the speaker of the house Democrats, Nancy Pelosi. Then the U.S. House of representatives voted for a resolution about the official condemnation of racist statements trump.


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