The trouble for oil is just beginning


Неприятности для нефти только начинаются

Yesterday on the world market again, pretty much “spilled” oil. The price they are dropped sharply from 76$ to almost 73$. It has been reported that the administration of Donald trump is secretly negotiating with Saudi Arabia and OPEC, with the aim of raising oil production by 1 million barrels a day.

Неприятности для нефти только начинаются

Us oil companies only increasing the volume of sale of oil, kancevica finally went into profit. The question arises, why did the Americans cut the branch on which they sit?

But the fact is that Amer is also expensive gasoline. then we’re brothers in misfortune. And spending on fuel they occupy a large proportion of their costs. And then on the nose of the car season.

You don’t expect us oil companies to operate at a loss?

They are there in their filthy America, there is one interesting pattern, if oil becomes more expensive, and gasoline is expensive, but if oil is cheaper, the petrol is cheaper. So the American oil companies did not particularly threatening.

But there is one problem. Soon in the United States, Congressional elections, and then the very Trump will run for a second term. And the American voter is very difficult and used to vote against the policy that is detrimental to its welfare. And expensive gasoline is from the same Opera.

So what should I do to the Americans to make gasoline cheaper? Properly, to lower oil prices…

But the Saudis and other OPEC members need high oil prices, because by it they live. And increase production is to bury all the agreements which made it possible to raise the oil prices.

Then the parties will negotiate. Perhaps the Saudis will promise some buns. For example, they can help to sell stake in major oil companies, which they have long sought.

Well, whatever, it is clear that high oil prices the camera does not need, and by all means they will push down.

Are you still waiting for the oil at 100? Then we go to you…)))


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