The transition to project financing has not affected the prices for new buildings


Переход на проектное финансирование не повлиял на цены на новостройки

According to the results of the conducted research of the market buildings, the transition to new principles of financing of housing projects has not led to an increase in the cost of apartments in new buildings in Moscow and other cities, which developers sell contracts of share participation in construction. This was reported in blog posts about new Moscow

During 2019, as noted in this publication, median apartment prices remained in the range of 61-67 thousand rubles per one sq. m. residential property. At the end of the previous month, the median price sq. m. of residential real estate in Russia as a whole amounted to approximately 68 thousand rubles, which is 3% higher than prices recorded at the end of the 1st quarter of this year.

The actual parameters of the deals in full is collected only by the Federal registration service and a unified information system in housing construction.

Thus, it can be noted that the forecasts of major increases in apartment prices in new buildings in connection with the transition of building companies to work with accounts eksrou did not materialize. In addition to the cost of construction an important factor in the determination of prices for new buildings is the ratio of supply and demand for real estate.


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