The tourists are told, what is the difference between Turkish and the European system of “all inclusive”


Туристам рассказали, чем отличаются турецкая и европейская системы «все включено» This is important to remember.

Often choosing a hotel with all inclusive for the popular summer European resorts, tourists are waiting for what will happen in Turkey: a whole lot, and all for free.

But then hotels don’t always work this way, but because sometimes a vacation may not be the same as you imagined.

Talk about what European all inclusive is different from Turkish.

Traditional Turkish AI includes the main three meals and one snack in bars and restaurants, animation, swimming pools and other services offered by the hotel.

In Bulgaria, the “all inclusive” appeared not so long ago. Tourists who decide to spend their holidays in this country, it is necessary to read carefully the conditions of the stay, as in a large number of cases the Bulgarian AI – it’s only food. In addition, you need to be prepared that the hotel does not have entertainment staff.

The Spanish all-inclusive similar to Turkish. There tourist can obtain food, local alcohol and services of the hotel. But there is something that can spoil a holiday: the Spanish AI is not around the clock, working there until 23:30, so if you decide to stroll the city at night, don’t count on dinner.

Free sun loungers and umbrellas, too, will not, as all Spain’s beaches municipal.

Tourists who go to Italy, stay in hotels AI very rarely, as this system was not very popular. But some hotels offer the option, which is similar to “all inclusive”: the all Inclusive Treatment HB and FB all Inclusive Treatment, which includes full Board, drinks and beach equipment (two sun loungers plus one umbrella per room).

Mini bars in Italy are paid, and many of the hotels no animators. If you want to lie on a sun lounger in the first line, too, will have to pay. In season, the price for rent umbrella and sunbed area is growing with incredible speed. Sometimes you have to pay €80-100 for two sun beds with one umbrella.


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