The tobacco Patriarch soluble in hours


Табачный патриарх в растворимых часах

Nimble Bulgarians managed “in one fell swoop three pobivahom”. And our glorious history to distort and Patriarch to belittle – and on two counts. He and KGB agent, he and the unscrupulous huckster. With the history, let historians deal – if you can, of course. With the humiliation of the greatness of the Patriarch is even more difficult.
Show completely…
There was a time when everyone understood that to achieve a high position in the ROC and not to cooperate with the KGB was almost biblical miracle. About it told all about it knew, but was ashamed to admit. Because the KGB was not in fashion. But fashion changes. What yesterday was considered to be compromising, is now a bonus for the resume.
This is a Bulgarian KGB agent – mark, and in Russia – almost an order. I would place our Archimandrite was bolder and announced on some Easter Liturgy their nicknames and call signs.
We have a President – security officer, that the rest of us to be ashamed of! I would be in this line of the biography did a major advertising emphasis. But what about cigarettes? In the 90s, few people had doubt that Cyril was brought to Russia the billions of cigarettes, which in itself is a sin. Then it was actively denied. Then there are cigarettes, of course, imported, but as someone else. Imported duty-free Church, but some nameless, almost Holy spirit.

And active denial of this history and personal participation Kirill confirms that the importation into the country of billions of tobacco products is a sin, and that, instead, abstract the prayers of the citizens were given a specific poison. But such an awkward situation can turn to his advantage. To say that cigarettes were sanctified.
Miraculous words of the members of the Synod lowered content of harmful tar and nicotine. Smoking these cigarettes can be equated to taking vitamins. Even if it’s poison, better from us to receive it than from the unknown crooks — and we’re the same you otmolit.
In General, there are different options. The Holy fathers of the brains of people rosin is not the first century, and will be able to get out. And for those who do not live by faith alone, this story was the sudden reminder of the power of reputation. The importation of tobacco through the altar ceased 20 years ago, the KGB, there is almost 30 years — and the memory alive.
And although our Church has hundreds of priests who sincerely serve God and carry the light of your flock, I’d be careful to trust any man in a cassock. Not only because of the KGB and cigarettes.
But because pricey cars and spirited driving on them.
Because of depravity, child molestation, the life of luxury, gluttony and drunkenness.
Because it is already much later KGB and cigarettes the Patriarch in the portfolio was nanopyl, was instant watch, and a lot of different things, not similar to the attributes of Holiness and austerity. So it’s not in the words of Bulgarian, and that these words could be said of any of us.


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